I know you want to please me and spoil me, make my life as comfortable as it can be. My time is valuable and my slaves who are properly trained to obey and serve me have sacrificed themselves to please ME, and this is the only way that you will follow too.

Tributes and sacrifices are a part of showing your devotion to me every minute of your life. You , as my financial slave will be used as a living wallet that will satisfy your Mistress needs because that is the only way for you to feel complete. 

You may also buy me presents and bring with you the sessions. You can use the list below. Amazon gift card is a good option too. Send it to:

Samsung Galaxy 
Christian Dior - Versace- Chanel 
Mac Makeup Products
Victoria's secrets Lingerie
PVC/Latex/Leather clothing
Chastity Devices - Butt plugs - Strap-ons
Bondage Restrains - Body Encasements - Furniture for dungeon